Progress Report – Project Youh Unemployment

Sprijin si Dezvoltare Association from Brasov, Romania in partnership with C.I.P Citizens In Power (PO.SI Polites se Ischy) from Cyprus, Associazione Culturale Strauss from Italy, Eesti People to People from Estonia, EUROCIRCLE from France, Geoclube – Associação Juvenil de Ciência, Natureza e Aventura from Portugal, and Youth Inclusion Association from Turkey are implementing the project “Youth Unemployment”, Project funded by the European Union through Erasmus + Programme, Key Action 1: Learning Mobility of Individuals.

The project supports the 32 long-term unemployed youth people to develop and gain new competences in order to improve their personal development and employability on the European labour market and beyond. The project provided learning experiences for young people to develop competences needed to find a job.

The main results of the Youth Exchange can be found in the progress report:

Progress Report – Youh Unemployment project


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