Raport de impact

În urma implementării proiectului am atins impactul dorit. Mai jos puteți să citiți raportul de impact al proiectului. Lectura plăcută!


Impact report

The project aim was to facilitate the exchange of competences and experience and to make a network between 3 organisations from Romania, Macedonia and Spain to support entrepreneurship among youth.

The general objective was to develop a programme for entrepreneurship, who will work at European level, which will facilitate the personal and professional development for entrepreneurial competences of 60 youth from Romania, Macedonia and Spain.

The partnership was composed by 3 organisations:

Sprijin si Dezvoltare organisation, project applicant and coordinator, with experience and expertise in youth work, employment and non-formal education

CEFE Macedonia organisation, with experience and expertise in entrepreneurship.

Inercia Digital organisation, with experience in VET and technology.

The main impact:

Impact on the 3 organisations

-Engage more in the programme and in the use of intellectual outputs

-Increase the target group and their trust in the deliverable’s quality

-Capacity to respond to the social, economic and political changes and other youth needs through the collaboration with the business sector and through the entrepreneurship database

-Communicate scientific data and results in a manner appropriate for young people using the intellectual outputs

-Raise the visibility of the organisations results effectiveness

-Increased engagement of young people with fewer opportunities

Impact on the 60 young people

-They know how to develop a business and to become entrepreneur

-They have the motivational skills and attitudes necessary to became entrepreneur

-They used the intellectual outputs to manage their own business

-They have more chances to enter into the labour market as entrepreneur

-They will increase their incomes and wellbeing

-They use the financial program to use in order to financial analyse their social business

Impact on other youth and other organisations:

– Increase awareness of the opportunities offered by Erasmus + Programme

-Develop entrepreneurial competences through the intellectual outputs

– Implement the results and the intellectual outputs in their own organisations

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